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Shibuya X Kodawari - Food & Drinks Event

Shibuya X Kodawari - Food & Drinks Event

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New Japanese bar to host tasting evening with local Japanese foodies Kodawari, not to be missed for any lovers of Japan!

The award-winning team behind The Pineapple Club has announced that they will be launching their first event in the anticipated lead-up to the opening of Shibuya Underground, a cocktail and sake specialist bar in the city centre. This will take the form of a food and drink pairing evening with Birmingham based Kodawari!

Tickets for the event are £85 per head and on sale now (with only a limited number 50 available) ** A physical ticket will be posted out to you for this event **

Please note, due to the limited nature of this menu, we will be unable to cater for dietary requirements, for dietary information please contact before booking.

Please see our sample menu below - HOWEVER, this menu or pairing may change before the event!

Welcome Drinks: Japanese Shochu Cocktail

Course 1

Miso garlic butter basted langoustines with tempura seaweed shards.

Paired with Kimura Shuzo Yamadanishiki Fukukomachi Daiginjo

Course 2

Tokyo fried chicken, salmon roe, sesame pickled carrot, crispy chicken skin mayo

Paired with Yauemon Tsukiakari Junmai Nigorizake

Course 2

Shibuya Shoyu Ramen (chintan broth, chicken and dashi double soup, charred chashu pork belly, smoked bacon tare, toasted rye noodles, marinated egg, truffle and smoked bacon aroma oil, umami bomb tomato)

Paired with Tsuji Honten Gozenshu 9Junmai Bodaimoto

Course 3

Japanese baked cheesecake, miso caramel apples, toasted sesame crumb, salted miso caramel sauce, whiskey cream.

Paired with 
Michisakari Junmai Daiginjo Koshu

Course 4

Jyounamagashi (petit fours)

Paired with Sake Coffee Cocktail